outflow out‧flow [ˈaʊtfləʊ ǁ -floʊ] noun [countable, uncountable] ACCOUNTING ECONOMICS
money which is being taken out of a company, country etc:

• The insurance company paid over $1.33 billion to policyholders, creating a vast cash outflow.

• The Bundesbank's primary task is keeping the currency stable, and capital outflow to a minimum.

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outflow UK US /ˈaʊtfləʊ/ noun [C, usually singular]
ACCOUNTING, FINANCE the amount of money that leaves a company, industry, or country during a particular period : the outflow of sth »

Currency devaluation triggered a rapid outflow of foreign funds.


Concerns over the group's cash outflow saw shares fall 8.5p yesterday to 248.25p.


Data shows that the net outflow from property funds, is around 3.6% of the total property funds under management.


The chart shows UK inflows and outflows compared with France, traditionally also a big investor.

an outflow of $4 billion/£350 million/17.5%, etc. »

Life assurance businesses have seen an outflow of £37m compared with positive income of £94m in the first half of the year.

large/massive/significant outflow »

Bond markets received a boost from the massive outflow of funds from ""emerging markets"" in the wake of the financial crisis.

ECONOMICS the number of workers that leave a company, industry, or country: the outflow of sth »

Because of the outflow of workers to Western Europe, the real unemployment rate is smaller than the official 12%.

Compare INFLOW(Cf. ↑inflow)
See also CAPITAL OUTFLOW(Cf. ↑capital outflow)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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